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Originally Posted by herx77 View Post
At 25 yrs old!Still shooting on a par with most 'modern ' so called superguns. Certainly holds very tight groups at 55yds, with old RWS superfields,and against the FTP900 makes me wonder at 1500 was it worth it ??
Of course it was! The colour of the laminated stock, all the adjustments(less the rubber studs on butt that keep falling out) nice shiney finish on the replacement (and first one) that now likes working at 11.4 ft/lbs,but pellet choosy.. On a pad both can do good groups, I think the GC2 has the edge though.
HERX77 .

Two rifles spring to mind Air Arms S400 and a Logan s16, my wife uses both and gets excellent groupings at both 25 and 40 metres both indoors and outside, has a nikko scope on the S400 and an MTC Viper Connect on the s16. Both excellent rifles the s16 requires a little more upkeep but putting decent scopes on both was the making of them, she is now putting 25 plus shots in a 1 inch group at 40 metres, and gets highly hacked off if she takes more than about 5 shots to take out the dead centre spot
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