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Originally Posted by pjp61 View Post
Firstly, apologies for bringing up a subject which has no doubt been done to death, exhumed and reburied numerous times.

I can't afford 700 for a Big Nikko, or 450 for a T50 - at present.

Is there ANY scope available which can rangefind in the 45-55 yard area to an adequate degree to allow a shooter to be competitive?

Up to approx. 300

I am leery of going down the used scope route, as there are many horror stories, and you have no comeback from a used scope.

Obviously something in this price range would not be good, but are there any which are passable?

Many Thanks
I sold a Nikko and let the buyer try it for a month or so before they bought it. If you can do that on a 2nd hand deal then it can be better than buying new, in my opinion.
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