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Originally Posted by vinny View Post
I was under the impression that a kill zone could not be obscured in any way
if it was, the remainder of the kz size would fall into whatever distance category for it , ie 45 mm kz obscured by the wire across the kz wouldn't go past 30 yds as it would probably be 20 mm etc , surely if you hit the wire its a bit of the face plate so youd get a 1 ? , even more confused now
Yup first 4 words ... " There used to be ".

The 'wire' may have been a barbed wire fence in front of the target etc. So if you hit it you got zero. Often difficult to tell if it was the wire or the plate ... so more controversy. Don't worry ... I don't think you get them anymore. I was making the point that they similarly had an element of luck and the worse of two shots could get a better score ... like the web targets. They went and the web targets are still used. I then tried to make the point that with anything other than a round plate with the kill in the middle could actually result in the worse shot getting a better score ... but probably no one wants 30 lollipops of different sizes. I would have been happy with that as it's always been a target sport to me. Flashing lights, fancy faceplates, chances to go through a hole and get a zero etc did nowt for me. I actually thought all that stuff took something away from it being a serious target sport. Some folk probably like them and can take the p1ss out of their partner if they go through a hole. I suppose it's still a one size fits all sport where there are serious target shooters and folk who want some fun ( and those that want both ).
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