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Originally Posted by Alegazmoz View Post
We have a new development on this. Clever Trevor has found that if we colour the self-amalgamating material yellow and cut out a solid silhouette such as the standard squirrel. When shot, the material turns black in much the same way as a Birchwood Casey 'Shoot & See' target. What we have discovered is that it returns to its original colour after about 30 seconds once the hole is closed. This allows the shooter to see where his pellet lands, but removes the history advantage for the next competitor.
Sadly we're not having much success with the paddle. We can't get the black to go yellow and because the strike is quiet, if the target doesn't fall through failure, this could be mistaken for a donut.
We're working on a way to circumvent this electronically.
I'll keep you posted.
this is a wind up surely
The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.
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