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Originally Posted by J00SPD29 View Post
I have purchased sample packs of pellets from here several times before with no problems:

I have done a lot of pellet testing through my Steyr LG110 and it showed up some interesting results. The test card that came with my Steyr has been shot at the factory with JSB Express 7.9 grn, these shoot great and group well, only trouble is that they take quite a bit of wind. I prefer an 8.4 grn pellet. Tried loads of different brands, weights and head sizes, most of which are fine up to 30 yards but some are all over the place at 45 yards onwards. After hours and hours of testing I found a pellet that could equal the JSB Express at 45 y plus, it was the Air Arms Field 8.4 grn but most relevant was the head size, 4.51 rather than the more common 4.52.
Regards lubeing pellets, I am a supporter of this, just a little goes a long way, I find that I rarely need to clean my barrel and when I occasionally do the barrel isn't very dirty.
Just a summary of my findings with my setup, as alway with this game what works for one won't necessarily work for someone else.
Cheers mate, That site looks perfect, exactly what I was after.
Am surprised that the Airarms was best as thought the JSB were the same but that they may be be better quality. I mean if you were JSB, why would you supply Airarms with better pellets than the ones in the JSB tin.
Thanks again Dave
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