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Default Steyr Pellet Trials

I have finally come to the conclusion that my newly acquired Steyr LG100 doesn't like the pellets I am using in it. Being old, it takes a long time, sometimes, for the penny to drop.

I have JSB Express 4.52 batch 6000013 which I use lubed in my EV2. In the Steyr, they mostly do tighter groups than my EV2, but I see quite a few flyers, hi/lo - all at 55yds. This is also what I have see when shooting courses with it, but I was blaming my range-finding.
Today was very good for wind and I could see clearly that it was not me or the scope, as the EV2 was spot on and the Steyr was as described above.

I was joined by a mate and I tried some of his 8.4 Exacts, but no improvement.
He let slip he had some un-lubed Mosquitoes with him which one of his spring guns loved.
I tried some of these in my Steyr and the rifle shot brilliantly. Good groups and no flyers. The 55 yd target went over on every shot; all hits along the same horizontal line (very slight wind), not low or high....boring!

So where do I go from here? Can't get Mosquitoes.

Reading here, the many previous threads on this subject, it looks like I should try 7.9's and 8.4's in differing head sizes and different batches. That sounds expensive to go out and purchase so many 500 tins.
Is there any one who supplies sampler packs with say 20 to 50 pellets of the various weights and batches.
Sounds like a good business opportunity if not.

What's the opinion on lubing pellets with a Steyr? I always lube on other rifles and find it reduces the need to clean the barrel so often and then its easier when you do.
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