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Originally Posted by skires View Post
There has always been a touch of controversy re targets.

There used to be targets with wires/bars in front of the middle of the kill. You could aim at the centre of the top bit of kill that was over the horizontal wire and miss by just a few mm's and hit the wire for a zero. You could aim at the same place and miss by a greater distance and miss the wire and land in the part of the kill under the wire. The better shot there got a zero and the worse shot a 2.

The top shots will probably only miss a kill by a few mm's and so on the web targets will probably hit the solid plate immediately around the kill. So the 1 or zero scores will probably mainly affect lesser shooters.

It's more possible and more obvious with a web target ... but you could say the same for a lot of animal shaped targets. You may have someone miss the kill by some way on a bird target and the pellet goes under the head for a zero. Another shooter could miss by further and hit the head or beak and get a 1. Similar with squirrel targets with gaps between body and tail etc.

So what will you do ... have every target where it's a certain size round kill with a certain size round plate around it ... so every target is a lollipop ... so that there is no chance that a shot that lands further away from the kill may sneak a 1?
I was under the impression that a kill zone could not be obscured in any way
if it was, the remainder of the kz size would fall into whatever distance category for it , ie 45 mm kz obscured by the wire across the kz wouldn't go past 30 yds as it would probably be 20 mm etc , surely if you hit the wire its a bit of the face plate so youd get a 1 ? , even more confused now

You all know you want a reduced faceplate spiders web with a 27 mm kz set on a pole above the quarry shot from the quarry club hut , I,m sure everyone would love it , especially if the pole wasn't visible
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