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Originally Posted by verminator View Post
For those people moaning about courses littered with lollipop targets, just a reminder, we are talking about maybe one target per course. There are many novel shapes that can be used, which utilize a solid faceplate.
Who's moaning ?

I thought the idea was to give your/our opinion

As airgun quarry is relatively limited (one squirrel/rabbit looks much the same as another) we enjoy and quite often have a giggle when shooting at targets shaped like aliens, cowboys, helicopters , snakes, spiderwebs, etc., (web at one of last years Nationals was a cracker; spider was obviously running very low on spider silk/web - and it was windy - so you pretty much either had a 2 or a 0 (I cant recall any complaints from those who actually scraped a 1)).

Logical answers have already been given - shooting in groups of 3 minimum if possible; shooting buddy paying attention - but, with at least 10mm around the kill, I have never begrudged someone else scraping a one, just because I had a zero; despite being closer to the kill (and I've had more donoughts shooting at webs than I want to remember).

Changing to lollipops, lets go the whole-way and just have 15-20mm paddles, would be boring in contrast to what we have now IMO - having said that, it wouldn't put me off. As much as I enjoy hunting, I am not fortunate enough to have permissions which guarantee 30 targets within just a few hours. The company is not too great either (run out of things to say to myself after a bit)

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