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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
You should get duty relief but all the VAT will be payable.

Are you sure

1. Paid VAT upon purchase IF, purchased in UK...

2. Knackered, broken, faulty- send back for repair...

3. Manufacturer sends a replacement (per their choice)

4. Why pay VAT again ? based on value of replacement ? no purchase done on reception of scope..(not a new purchase, not a gift, a warranty replacement)

NB: Leupold will have to declare USD$RRP or simply state- Warranty Repair Replacement - and yes, declare its value (as it has too on US side...for Postal reasons ...and HMRC will see that as an Opp. to whack you...(erroneously methinks)

So, me being me, I would fight it...and explain this logic to HMRC (unless UK law already covers this point)...

PPS: Would help if Leupold included a letter to that effect to stick in HMRC face

...and if HMRC wants VAT, ask them to pioint out the legislation point in question regarding warranty replacements SPECIFICALLY NOT BEING EXEMPT

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