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Originally Posted by KeithW View Post
Yup! I once shot with someone who didn't hear a "tink" as I shot the web. I reckon he was deaf, whereas i have very acute hearing.
On this particular occasion, I reckon he was not at all deaf . Also, since this was the first target to be shot on the course, it should have been possible to see through the scope, where it hit on the face plate.

Originally Posted by KeithW View Post
One way to avoid, or at least to minimise any dispute is to always shoot a minimuim of three to a peg, and for those who aren't shooting to stop gossiping and pay attention!
On one shoot a few years back, the peg had a dedicated marshall looking at the spider web target through the scope, calling the scores. That was totally fair, but I doubt many venues could dedicate marshalling resources so generously. Must get harder to call as it gets more splattered though.

For those people moaning about courses littered with lollipop targets, just a reminder, we are talking about maybe one target per course. There are many novel shapes that can be used, which utilize a solid faceplate.

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