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Originally Posted by Capt View Post
Hi Forum,

Can you advise on this as I just cant seam to find any reference to the correct settings are?

In chairgun, the 'clicks/Moa' can be entered as either '1/8" MoA per click' or '1/8" per click @ 100 Yards'.

I know its only a few clicks difference but it might explain why I am shooting high, I have mine set at '1/8" per click @ 100 Yards'.

Which is right?
There's very little difference. 1 Moa is 1.047 inches at 100 yds. So it matters very little if you're using 1/8th of 1.047 or 1/8th of 1.000.

1/8th of an Moa is 0.13 inches at 100 yds... and at 50yds, it's 0.065 inches, and at 25 it's 0.0325...

1/8th of an inch is 0.125 inches at 100yds... and at 50 yds it's 0.0625 inches, and at 25 it's 0.03125...

So in airgun ranges it makes about between 0.0635 of a mm or less difference at 50 yds. Or about the thickness of the average human hair.

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