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Originally Posted by Nick G View Post
I find chairgun pretty good, but you have to calibrate for your "clicks" it may say 1/8th on the scope but rarely is . There is a facility on chairgun to calibrate this. You shoot a shot at a known distance, then give your turret one complete turn ,take another shot,measure the difference and put it into the program and it does it for you.
Concur with this, I've found Chairgun to be very accurate if you calibrate the program to your turret.
When I first got my MRad 10-50 Sightron I just set it up my usual way by shooting at the zero range. Only then did I punch in the Chairgun data and it was pretty close, calibrating the program then made it match perfectly.
I've also been trying istrelok lately as well and the wind clock feature in that is excellent.
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