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Originally Posted by madplinker View Post
Hi i was wondering if you have done any more testing on these pellets Chris or any updates from anyone else who has shot them at distance or has chrono tested them.

I know with different barrels you will get different results etc i shoot a steyr long barrel version so maybe totally different to a short barrel steyr ??????? in results just looking for a overview of peoples testing and there findings cheers
I tested them and the batch that I have is rubbish, also JSB do misleading publicity that in CEE is against the law 0,001 g is a lie.

There is very little drop compared to Exacts but the batch that I have canít handle wind, also the lead is different from my Exacts need about 15 shoots to close the group when changing pellet from Exact to Premium Exact, tested 200 pellets at 55 yards, the groups closed when I sized them that probably indicates that like an Exact there is also differences in the skirts but because there is more lead they are harder and variations have more impact.

The photo show the weight of 100 pellets.

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