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Here you go Ryan,

Sec 5.
2. Any self-loading or pump-action rifled gun other than one which is chambered for .22 rim-fire
cartridges. [Section 5(1)(ab)] (See definitions below)

NB: Although it was not Parliament’s intention that any low powered air weapons should be banned by
the 1997 Acts, there is now considerable uncertainty as to whether a rifled airgun of the description
covered by 5(1)(ab) has become prohibited even though it may be a very low powered weapon not
hitherto held on certificate.
The Home Office have consulted ACPO and the Crown Prosecution Service about the legal status of
these weapons and have agreed, in the absence of a court ruling, that the issue should be resolved
formally at the next legislative opportunity. In the meantime chief officers are advised that self-loading
or pump-action rifled airguns should continue to be regarded as falling outside the certification process
provided that they are low powered and do not fall within the Firearms (Dangerous Air
Weapons) Rules 1969.

BASC Know your Law...Air Weapons

Harry Preston's comments are clearly aimed at maintaining his position and market share, however, making plainly incorrect statements is only further undermining his credibility whilst bringing scrutiny on areas he and the uk retailers would do better to avoid seeking clarification on.

Happy shooting.