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Originally Posted by MikeS View Post
I was talking to Harry Preston last week about the semi-auto version of the Hunting 5 and he says that the Home Office are aware that they are being brought into the UK and say that if anyone is "picked up" with one is in trouble.
I'm thinking perhaps this could lead to a test case, after all how many hundreds of legal semi-auto firearms are owned by the public in the UK now.
The Home Office, the CPS and ACPO have issued a statement that there will be no prosecutions for sub 12FPE semi-auto rifles and that the legislation was never intended to include them.

As far back as the 7th (I think 1998) Firearms Consultative Committee it was discussed that they should be allowed in sub 12FPE form.
Harry needs to contact BASC to confirm there is no problem selling these.