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Originally Posted by skires View Post
So if a top shooter used one of these ... what about these rifles would make them score less than if they were using a top priced target rifle?





That's a good question, I would have said all of those things, plus the most important factor, confidence.

If the rifle proves itself, you learn how to get the best out of it in all conditions and it preforms as you want it to, in all conditions, then you have confidence in it and therefore in your own performance.

I remember seeing a shoot off between two top AA grade shooters at a GP in Wales. They went straight to kneelers at 50 plus yards in a howling side wind. One shooter voiced total confidence in his abilities (BS? possibly) and then went ahead and cleared the lane, the other shooter was already dead in the water.

I subsequently shot / tested the rifle that had won the day, it was OK, shot well and put in sensible scores in the hands of it's new owner, but it wasn't exceptional of itself, but in the hands of the man who had total confidence in it, it was a winning gun.
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