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This what I sent to ASI on the 7th January:-

I wanted to use my Bobcat for FT as I like the idea of a Bullpup rifle. I have made a new wood stock for it and intend to get it up to spec. for FT. One big problem though is that it will not group after 40yds. I have discussed this with other FT shooters and it has come back with some authority that smooth twist barrels don't work in .177 sub 12ft lbs.
I have experience of two separate rifles and both are pretty poor at 55 yds which is our maximum distance.
At least one in ten shots will drop as low as 75mm below the aim point at this distance.

I have tried light 7.9 JSP express, 8.4 JSP Exacts (two batches). The rifle just wont shoot straight after 40 yds.

Note the power consistency is very good with shots varying only a couple of fps. As far as I can see, the barrel is just not imparting consistent spin to the pellets.

Can you let me know if FX can supply a normal barrel for these rifles otherwise I will try to get one made.

I genuinely would like to get these rifles onto the FT scene, but on present performance levels, they just wouldn't hack it.
I would be grateful if you would pass this to FX in Sweden for their comments.

I have since gone off the idea and swapped it for a second hand Steyr LG100. FX Bobcat wood stock available cheap
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