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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Mike, full of contradictions there. The reason you don't see them winning comps is because they are crap. the top shooters will choose a rifle that gives then the best chance of winning...hence none in the HFT worlds.

i will contradict myself a little though....if you get one for under 400 quid that has already had the mods done then it's a bargain. If not then a Mk3 PT or an earlier EV/Steyr are a much more sensible buy.

But where in the initial query did anyone ask for a world championship winning gun? How many of the guns you are recommending, in the price bracket of the AR20, will win the worlds?

Lets get real here, people want a start in FT and not everyone will go on to want to compete seriously. The AR20 will give some one a start in local comps or just fun target work competing against themselves.

Too much elitism will put people off the sport.
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