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It is the old story , What Do you want it for and how much can you afford ? if you want to get back to the top in FT . IE GPs . you wil want the best you can afford , plus of course the pleasure of using it with the best glass . if weight is a problem then the March 60 mag ( used on 40 ) is the one . ED glass means superb light transmission . weight not a problem , then the 80 mag march . have not got that much dosh . like snap in , then the FT sightron . not sure your gonna stay in FT ,The Big Nikko will do the job secondhand at around the 500 mark with all the go faster bits . BUT your 20=50 lupe will still do the job . why not invest in one of john harris's FWB 800 X and put you lupe on top of that . go on you know you wanna ??? HOLLY
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