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Originally Posted by mike View Post
What are you talking about
my AR20 is 3yrs old and shows no sign of any has been used sole for HFT and has been used almost every Sunday (40 target course) through all weather's, yes Rain, snow & even fog. Wednesday's at the club and during the summer evening's shooting a 30 target course in the woods near to the club. This is third hand now and has had several thousand pellets put through it.
The shroud is made from top grade Ally, and so is the breach. how do I know? Well my family have been involved in the metal work industry since my Grandad was a Master Boiler maker & the guy that machined the shroud for me was surprised at the quality used.
The plastic stock is again top quality.
I paid 350 for a match grade W.L. barrelled, regulated, fully ajustable target rifle, more than capable of matching anything else out there.
And Yes spares are ready available via any German Gun dealer.
so why do people continue to knock these rifles? Is it because the don't need servicing at a price of 180 (DAYSTATE) or because they don't cost a grand plus! Oh and I can hear the same old crap being rolled out "you don't see any winning a championship" well you are right and that's because there aren't many entered, solely because people read and believe other people's biased rants.
Mike, full of contradictions there. The reason you don't see them winning comps is because they are crap. the top shooters will choose a rifle that gives then the best chance of winning...hence none in the HFT worlds.

i will contradict myself a little though....if you get one for under 400 quid that has already had the mods done then it's a bargain. If not then a Mk3 PT or an earlier EV/Steyr are a much more sensible buy.
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