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Originally Posted by Steven842 View Post
Okay I've held off from posting on this thread till now !

Simple fact the ar20ft when New is a great rifle ...... However as wear sets in and it's time to replace vital parts you will find out soon enough walther/ hammerli/umarex built this rifle to be used then binned

1. No readily available parts !
Call any other British manufacturer and you'll get parts even though they may not manufacture the rifle anymore I.e daystate air arms etc

Save the money and buy a steyr or walther or ftp

The Ar20 is like buying an MR2 and putting a body kit on it claiming its a Ferrari

IMO. with the exception of the MR2 statement, you are wrong!

Parts are available albeit from Europe, not all British made guns have parts "readily" available, AR20's are built to be "binned".

When I say wrong what I really want to say is, talking crap!
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