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Originally Posted by Steven842 View Post
Okay I've held off from posting on this thread till now !

Simple fact the ar20ft when New is a great rifle ...... However as wear sets in and it's time to replace vital parts you will find out soon enough walther/ hammerli/umarex built this rifle to be used then binned

1. No readily available parts !
Call any other British manufacturer and you'll get parts even though they may not manufacture the rifle anymore I.e daystate air arms etc

Save the money and buy a steyr or walther or ftp

The Ar20 is like buying an MR2 and putting a body kit on it claiming its a Ferrari

Hi ,
I hear what you are saying but not 100% true about British parts.

I also have an Air Arms Pro-Target Mk 3 and some parts forthis are now no longer available, and I think that a lot of the NJR parts are no longer available i.e. the Olympic trigger. Although i

As to buying a Steyr , an FTP or the Walther, surely that is a question of how far someone wants to take FT shooting given the asking prices of those mentioned especially if you are a new shooter.

Just my opinion.

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