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Default How do you clean your barrels?

I've seen quite a few posts about barrel cleaning, pull thoughs etc, so I wondered how you clean you barrels.

Just to explain, I shot a lot from around 1999 until 2006/7 when I wandered off to mess about with other things. Returning very recently a lot seems to have stayed the same and a lot seems to have changed, so I'd like to get some up to date ideas on maintaining barrels and their accuracy.

Personally, I will rod through a lightly oiled patch from time to time. If it comes out dirty, then I run through a series of oiled patches until they come out clean. I have in the past used a bronze brush on new barrels that are leading up badly due to rough lands in the barrel.

At the 2004 Worlds I picked up a VFG kit and found it excellent, always being careful to avoid getting abrasive paste in the transfer port of any rifle I was cleaning. I can't remember what happened to that kit when I downsized, I can't find it so I guess it must have got passed on.

So, what do you do to keep your barrels in tip top condition?
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