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Originally Posted by daiboy View Post
Thank you Lofty,
I have been banned from sales for saying read your inbox to a seller, banned by Conor after me telling him I cant find the sales rules. some how I cant view pictures nor can I read a members public profile.
if I get banned altogether for saying this then so be it.
The sales rules are in the rules, and in a sticky in each of the sales/wanted forums, and the sub heading also says " Read the rules, by using this section you agree to abide by them..." it does beg the question what more could be done?

Certain permissions are revoked, because certain members who we banned decided that they would conduct sales via pm and their album.

The rules.

Every single one of the sales rules has been put in there because more than one person in the past decided to abuse the facility for personal financial gain beyond what most would consider to be a normal deal. That's why we ban people who don't read the rules, because they are either the ones who are doing it, or who complain bitterly having come unstuck in a deal having not followed them. Until a person demonstrates they have even read the rules, it's unlikely a ban would be lifted. Kicking off doesn't help matters. It's not unusual for a member to state they don't care about being banned to a moderator and then to find that person complaining on email they've been banned.

They're not perfect, but it's better having 1-2 people banned before they will read the rules than having no section at all.

For those that like to play chinese whispers off the forum, the current stats are this

2 people temp banned from sales.

8 permanently banned

5 people who have had their account closed at their request. One of which came back.
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