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Originally Posted by what barn door View Post
Hi Smudgerli,

Haha I like the username. Is the shroud on yours milled and what sight mounts are with it please.

I went to a local engineering company to get a brass insert so that I could charge my steyr pistol from my current bottle. After three goes they gave up and said look on line, then said that I owed them 30 haha I very nearly laughed inbetween swear words. So I think I need to try and get one where this has already been done.

Thanks guys,

PS John Sears ar 20 looks really nice.

PPS Just seen your add Smudgerlie, so asking price is not including the stripper that is on it? but scope mounts are included?

It has the scope rail and 30mm mounts, for asking price you can have the stripper
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