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This is an interesting thread for me, as back when I was shooting almost every waking hour, lubing pellets was considered an absolute must.

I have lost track of who supplies what to who and how barrels are made, but back when I was shooting and reviewing just about every FT rifle available I noticed a distinct difference between drawn and hammer forged barrels and it really came to the fore with the first Styer LG100's, the ones with the stainless barley sugar twist barrels. I bought one and found it started to throw flyers after very few shots, a really good scrubbing soon sorted it, but as Rob has described, it was soon back again.

Rodding a few pellets through and popping them under the microscope showed lots of ripping and tearing of the pellet skirts and it was immediately clear that the barrels were VERY hard and pellets are very soft, so until the barrel was shot in, something that would happen very quickly with a full bore but much more slowly with an air gun, then cleaning and lubing would be a must.

I think the original CZ supplied EV 2 barrels had the same issue, but the factory soon went back to Lother Walther barrels.

Reading around it appears that many barrels are hammer forged now, but possibly the manufacturers have had different mandrels made that better suit airgun use, certainly that's what BSA seem to have done with the Gold Star.

For now, I'll keep lubing, and if anyone knows where I could get some more FP10 I'd be happy to hear, as I'm getting a little low and the internet is not being helpful.
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