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Default Milled shroud

Originally Posted by Lofty View Post
I too have an AR20 and it too has the shroud milled off however NOT for any POI shift but purely for my own tastes so that I could fit the UK Neil air stripper that came up on the bay.
There have been reports of POI shift but mine never showed any.
I got my shroud milled off at a local engineering firm actually while I waited took the guy a whole 10 mins to do . It's the same style as John Sears one in this thread.

Scope rail... If you can get a full original one they came with the picatinny rail as standard and it has a slope already as standard so probably no need to shim the scope.

Other cosmetic parts are available as it's Walther based.

Hello how much of your shroud has been removed, do you have an image of it please, I have been trying to get a milled shroud myself.
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