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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
The barrel fixing in the breech on the S200 is very good, I have never experienced a poi shift because of it being poor, there is a better argument to remove the barrel band to eliminate any influence from the air res or shim the gap between the air res end face and the action to make it more stable at that point.

But having said that adding a 3rd clamp might add rigidity to the setup?
Are you saying free float the barrel,or undo the barrel band from bottom stock screw,pull it out away from the stock(2piece stock by the way,see were it lays naturally then either file the mount back or shim with slither ov plastic so it's perfect,or open up the hole were the barrel goes through? I'm not a big fan ov free floating as I've found with my MPR it groups tighter with the barrel band fitted.
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