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Originally Posted by what barn door View Post
Hi Chaps,

The cost is certainly not a show stopper, in fact it's a huge incentive. The response on here has also been pretty encouraging.

Two things that I have read in forums that have given me doubts are the need to have the shroud milled off or away, where do I get that done and how much does that cost? Or is that a DIY job? I have good engineering skills but no access to mills or lathes anymore.

Also, I think that scope rails/mounts are on the expensive side? Again only what I have read and I could have got that wrong.

What sort of price should I be looking at for a used one?


I too have an AR20 and it too has the shroud milled off however NOT for any POI shift but purely for my own tastes so that I could fit the UK Neil air stripper that came up on the bay.
There have been reports of POI shift but mine never showed any.
I got my shroud milled off at a local engineering firm actually while I waited took the guy a whole 10 mins to do . It's the same style as John Sears one in this thread.

Scope rail... If you can get a full original one they came with the picatinny rail as standard and it has a slope already as standard so probably no need to shim the scope.

Other cosmetic parts are available as it's Walther based.

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