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Originally Posted by JohnyT View Post

If you have ready my earlier topic you will know I have recently acquired a Walther LGM-2. Before I bought it I was made aware that one of the brass screw inserts have been moved so the original butt plate cant be attached properly. Sadly as you can see in the picture the rim of the brass insert has been damaged so can't be retrieved and reused. I have used a calliper to measure the hole at about 8mm and have ordered a pack from eBay that's described to fit within a 7.5 - 8.5 hole. If it becomes a case of it being a bit loose in there is there a glue or resin that could be safely used to secure it?

On the other had if it was a bit tight I really don't want to drill it out especially as its so close to another hole. In this case it might be worth considering replacing the but plate entirely with a more modern aluminium plate like the MEC Contact III that has a more forgiving screw hole configuration. Its safe to assume a custom plate was why it was moved in the first place. The trouble is I cant really afford a MEC III at the moment, so wondering if there is something cheaper that exists.


I would go metal filled epoxy -and fill the unwanted hole as well - but standard araldite rapid will do a good job but no colour match.

Re removing old insert small stud removal tool will probably do the job as screws in anti clockwise and should break any seal/adhesive there is - hopefully.

Good luck hope you get it sorted!
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