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Smile Walther LGM-2 Aquried - Back in the game


A few years ago I had to sell pretty much everything of any value after being made redundant which included all of my airguns. I was mostly HFT orientated but at the time I had started to pick up a couple of old 10m target guns. This included a Morini pistol, steyr LG-1 and an Original 66 which I regret selling the most.

I'm now back in a position where I can afford a hobby and have decided to pick up where I left off with the 10 meters. I recently found someone who had a collection of SSP rifles and I took a trip up on Friday to take a look. He had already told me that among his collection were a couple of 600 series Feinwerkbaus and pretty much had my heart set on one before I got there. I had done my research and there was a lot of love for 600 series on pretty much every site I visited. But when I picked up the Walther he had there it instantly felt more comfortable to hold. I was of course now torn as I had seen so much good feed back on the 600 and he himself had great competition success with them. I must have picked each one up a dozen times to try and make my mind up but again the Walther just felt so right.

In the end I chose the Walther. He said to me that If I did change my mind within a reasonable time I could bring it back and exchange it for one of the 600's. It was very kind of him to offer this and he also threw in a glove to help get me started. So apart from one minor issue that I'll post in a separate topic I'm very pleased with it and don't think I'll be exchanging it. It was also a privilege to speak to some one who had won a lot of competition back when these rifles were current and he gave me a lot of useful advice which has already improved my stance. I am how ever still a bit rusty at this point

It would be great to hear some of your thoughts especially if you own/ed either of the LGM-2 or 600 series.

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