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I shot the Gold Star again today, this was only its second outing, new gun with a new scope. The scope was clicked down a bit after yesterdays top split reducers. Today I shot 57 and 100%. 1 dropped point from seeing what I thought was a 40y 25mm kill and rushed the shot, entirely my fault that I hit high for getting suckered by a deceptive target without doing all my normal checking procedure! a good reminder of how points can be lost when you don't concentrate and follow your full procedure! Lesson learnt!!
I also let the stock touch the peg on one lane which bounced the shot half a dot left! Muppet! I know not to do that when shooting a BSA. And the final dropped point was a scope issue, I was pretty sure the shot was full distance but the blur said otherwise so I shot it a bit shorter thinking the plate and kill were reduced to make it look full, It was actually full but my mag had got knocked down from 9x to 8x during handling the gun over the course of the comp. Something I am going to have to address with a clamp or locking grub screw!
The course today was easily clearable, I shouldn't have made any of those mistakes

So overall I am very happy with it, I have only missed one discipline shot over the 2 comps, that was an 18mm unsupported stander in the Marksman, which is very good for me! My aim has not been out of the kill in either of those 2 comps. So I will lock the mag ring and run through the aim points at the club again then off to Lincs next week to give it another outing.
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