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Originally Posted by Baltipal View Post
Lee, would you qualify as one of Sam's 'Gasram Naysayers' ?

But how are they crap, what's wrong with them?
I doubt that Lee does qualify. Those that I'm getting at are the ones that only dabble with piston rifles. They get a TX or 97 and rarely shoot it. They've got it because they think they should have a springer. I'm sure Lee has tried plenty of rammers and decided they aren't for him, fair enough. The ones I'm getting at are those that never have tried one but slate them. Those that have tried a short barrelled one in .177 (Fenman probably) and decided that they are all rubbish. The only thing I can say in their defence is that I quite agree that the .177 Fenman is fairly nasty!
The bad points of gasrams revolve round the snappy action and the poor triggers. The triggers can be made to be just about acceptable but the action will always be a matter of taste. I'd probably not recommend a gasram to anyone as I know that there's a good chance that they won't suit but they have to be worth a try without buying if you get the chance. Avoid short barrelled .177s like the plague and be prepared for a ropey trigger.

All I can say is that I tried loads of different springers in various states of tune and I never bettered the accuracy of the Grand Prix. Most were far nicer to shoot but I'm not interested in nice other than nice and accurate.
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