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Default Steyr Hunting 5 action length options - help!

Very shortly I shall be investing in a Steyr Hunting 5.

The rifle will be bought for two intended purposes:

- Lightweight Sport Rifle Standard and perhaps Duelling comps (both rapid fire events shot freestanding at 20yd)
- Chasing tin cans around the range like a giggling 5yr old.

I know exactly what spec I want, however a spanner has recently been chucked in the works by the arrival of the "Scout" version of the rifle; which is 130mm shorter than the original.

Aside from this I think the guns are exactly the same; the difference in OAL coming from the use of a shorter barrel and cylinder.

Combing the internetz and backworking from the standard rifle's dims based on the knowledge that the Scout is 130mm shorter, I get the following information (apologies for the atrocious formatting):

Rifle........................Hunting 5 Standard........Hunting 5 Scout
Overall Length, mm..............1020.0....................890.0... ......
Barrel Length, mm.................650.0....................520.0. ........
Mass, Kg..............................3.3............... ..........3.0..........

For comparison the OAL and mass of of the standard rifle are about the same as a standard-length Air Arms S400, the Scout being some 30mm shorter than the S400 carbine.

I'm torn on the action length and was hoping that the good people of the forum might offer their thoughts.

As I see it, in the standard rifle's favour:

- More shots per charge
- Greater efficiency
- Greater frontal mass gives better balance for standing shots
- Greater frontal mass potentially reduces muzzle deflection resulting from imperfect trigger control; promoting faster / more accurate follow-up shots

In the shorter rifle's favour:

- More manageable length with a mod fitted
- More visally balanced with a mod fitted
- Less frontal mass to move from the ready position to the POA on turning targets
- Faster shot development time (I reckon the shorter barrel should save around 0.5-0.7ms)

Really I think my heart tells me I want the Scout with a mod, while my head says go for the standard rifle without.

As for the balance I own both Carbine and Standard length examples of the AA 400 series (the longer being based on an MPR action with the fatter barrel) and really prefer the extra mass at the front when shooting standers. Also I've used a heavy-barrelled rimfire for duelling before and have no problems hoisting that onto aim in the required timeframe.

In addition I like the idea of the enormous 650mm long barrel on the std. gun extracting as much energy as possible from the air behind the pellet. On this note, can anyone please tell me what sort of shot count per charge they get from their Hunting 5 rifles?

The counter argument is that the Scout looks far better proportioned with a mod fitted than the standard length gun; which looks decidely over-long (and I suspect would handle as such). In addition the quicker development time would be a bonus; particularly since I know Steyrs are typically quick so 0.5-0.7s could be quite significant.

Finally I did consider the possibility of purchasing the bits to convert the rifle to it's alternative length - while both guns cost the same, the shorter scout cylinder is cheaper than that of the standard gun and I suspect the case might be the same with the barrels.

While the cylinders aren't horrendously priced (a QF item is around 249 euros for the standard length item, 229 euro for the shorter one) Looking at the price of LG110 barrels (nearly 400 euros!) I suspect the tubes for the H5 will probably be similarly eye-wateringly expensive..

So there we go - any pointers or thoughts would be very much appreciated as I'm really having a pig of a time making a decision!
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