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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
The scores are not up yet for the Marksman at Kibby today, the GS came in with 54 (maybe 2nd place?) I did stay in the kill for every shot. 2 of the dropped points were the result of my setup not being quite right, (first time out with it) I split top edge on 2 close 15mm kills so a click or 2 down is called for, I also plated the free stander . The remaining 3 dropped points I can only attribute to the wind taking me out or me choosing the wrong edge etc, it was quite blustery! But even so, I am very impressed with the gun. I shot with my brother who gave a full dot to knock over some of the longer ones and couldn't believe I could stay in the kill and get them, he had a go with the GS keeping his aim inside and knocked them over. Its magic, its BSA Magic! (quote courtesy Roger Lait 2015)
You shouldn't have to worry about spiderwebs and headshot ducks then

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