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If you believe every thing you read and see on you tube . fred of FX say's that they do not let out of the factory any rifle that will not group into half an inch at 50 meters ? true not true , dunno . personally as some one who is finding it difficult to hump a 15 pound rifle around a long course ( MEON ) . the wild cat look's good at 5 and a half pounds . stick a sightron on top of that , bringing it up to just over 7 and a half pounds and IF it shoots . that would be a good answer for me . if not then get hold of a good S200 barrel ( here lend me your rifle for a min Cliffy ) and stick that in . i am told that in the states you have the choice of a walther loather barrel or the smooth twist . ??? HOLLY

PS really ASI need to sort this out , cos if it keep's going . word of mouth will wreck sales . can it shoot . can it not shoot .
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