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Default Alphabetical list of the worlds marshals.

Below is a Alphabetical list of the worlds marshals, if your name is on it, then please check the marshal rosta.



UPDATED 23/03/2015

If your name is on twice it means you are doing two sessions.

Alex larkin
Andrew Burgess
Andy Simpson
Anne Higgins
Ash bailey
Ash Baily
Bill Jones
Bob Clay
Brian Franklin chief
Casey Handby
Charles Peal
Charlote Edmonson
Chris Allum
Colin Wilson
Dan Measures
Dave Benyon
Dave Bowls
Dave Duncan
Dave Nicholls Chief*
Dave Ramshead
Derek Watson
Drew Thompson
Gary Chillingworth Chief
Gary Morrison
Geoff Ryder
Glen Pickard
Gordon Burns Chief
Graeme Cargan
Greg Hensman Chief
Ian Roberts
James Hesson
Jean Greatrex
Jenifer Allen
Jim Harney
Justin Rhone
Kathy Thompson
Keith warburton
Kev Clarke
Kieran Turner
Leon Hargreaves
Leon Peute
Liz Osman
Mark Carter
Mark Thompson
Matt Furlong
Matt Rawlings chief
Michael Franklin
Mike burgess Chief
Mike Everson
Mirjiam Stark
Monday Alpha AM
Monday Bravo AM
Monday Bravo PM
Neil Tatton chief
Neil Wakelin
Nick Yates
Nigel Buchan
Nigel Jones
Nigel Smith Chief
Paul Hargreaves
Paul Relf
Phill Jacobs
Phill Tombs
Rex Bennet
Rhian jones
Sandra Thompson
Shaun Langly
Simon Harrison
Simon Howarth
Simon Vant
Stephen Handby
Steve Edmonson Chief
Steve light
Steve Mcfarlan Chief
Steve McFarlane Chief
Steve Willingham
Stuart Farr
Stuart James
Stuart Webb
Sunday Alpha PM
Sunday Bravo AM
Sunday Bravo PM
Wayne Marriot Chief
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