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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post

The first shot is the most interesting, it looks almost like 2 pellets have been fired, but in fact it's only one.

There's two projectiles there. Advancing it frame by frame you can see this, and the DOF blur change as they progress downrange is the same. If one was the shadow against the target then it would be sharp like the target. I believe the ret obscures the higher right hole made, you can almost just make it out. Without seeing better footage or the target it's hard to say, but either something fell apart or something was double loaded.

As for wind bucking, we need side by side and proper tests to show this. Otherwise it's just a feeling. A feeling of being 2 1/4 MOA clicks out at 50m is noticable. It's a 1/4" or over 6mm or basically 1.5-2 pellet holes depending on the paper. In a light breeze that may seem like a lot less wind. However checking zero indoors cant removed, those two clicks become 2.5-3mm... some guns/people/pellets struggle to consistently group that tight to determine that.

I'd start by proving the guns are zero'd and cant free indoors at 50m before moving out... and that they group well enough to determine the differences we're talking about.
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