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Just a Hint of Sarcasm Skires :-)

My concern with this video is two fold,

1. There is no way that a pellet can take no wind, once the pellet has left the barrel, no matter how efficient it is or how it spinning, it is now being affected by outside forces. Gravity will be dragging the pellet towards the floor and wind resistance will be slowing the pellet down.

As Brian has said, there are things that can be done to help the pellet,twist rate and a good muzzle break, the muzzle break will strip the unwanted air from behind the pellet as it leaves the barrel. It is this air that can cause the pellet to wobble in flight and a wobbling pellet creates a bigger hole in the air and as such it will slow down faster. So, if a pellet is slower at 40 yards it will take more wind etc.

2. Roger is an ambassador for BSA and he claims to have designed the Goldstar, if he is making claims in this video that cant be replicated and shooters buy this gun on the basis of a video made by the guns designer, shooters will be sending their rifles back to BSA as they are not performing the same way as the one in the video.

As I said, I am sure the Goldstar is good and I am looking forward to reviewing it, but so far the evidence does not back up the claims, now, this is not a dig at Roger, but he has shot the gun twice in competition, once at Cambridge on a windless day where no one came out of the kill and he shot a very credible 56 (this proves the gun can perform). Then again at Maldon on a windy day and he shot a 45.

I hope the Goldstar is great, BSA are a legendary company and i think we all want to see them at the top end of the leaderboard, but we have to be careful with wild claims about guns. People save up for a long time to buy their first PCP and if they base their purchase on promotional blurb, then we have done them a dis-service.

I look forward to reading Tench's findings, both he and Brian will probably forget more about the internal workings of airguns then I will ever know.

This is a genuine question for Brian, how does reg pressure affect the pellet, does a shorter blast remove turbulent air etc?

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