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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
The thing is though, between the most efficient barrel and the worst I have only ever seen a 40 fps variance at 40 yards. I do not think this is enough to massively affect windage on a rifle.
A 40 fps variation at 40 yards equals half an inch (12mm) at 40 yards in a 4mph crosswind (approximately what that would mean is instead of having to aim off 1.5 mildots, you'd only need to aim off 1 mildot).

twist rate might have an effect, the muzzle brake - might have an effect, but there are other factors that can have an effect too such as the air delivery system (reg pressure etc).

In short - It's possible for a rifle/barrel/pellet combination to be more efficient ballistically which will mean it takes less wind, but it's not possible for a pellet to take no wind at all. ( unless your windage turret is set wrong )
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