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Originally Posted by skires View Post
Ok thanks

Do the scores of the feeder lane count? So if there are 2 feeder lanes is the total out of 40 or 44?

It still just sounds like extra lanes to me.

If me and my 2 colleagues are shooting lane 1 then the next shooters to shoot our lane would be the 3 who have just shot lane 20 ( the last lane ) if there were no feeder lanes. So if there are now two lanes of 'feeder' lanes waiting to get onto lane 1, then what do the shooters who have just shot lane 20 do? Do they have to wait until the 6 shooters from the two feeder lanes get into lane 2 before they can shoot lane 1?
Ah no, it doesn't work like that Col, it's not an extra lane, it's an extra group of shooters inserted into the shoot.

So instead of a group of 3 people starting on lane 1, you'll have two groups of 3 people starting in lane one.
You might think that that would cause a bottleneck on lane one, but what they tend to do is make lane 20 a good walk away from lane 1 and while the first group of 3 are walking from lane 20 to lane 1, the second group of shooters on lane one are taking their shots.

It sounds more confusing than it is in reality, but it works if you plan the course accordingly.

Think of it like a filter lane into a line of traffic
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