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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
I hope for BSA'S Sake this is true as it will mean that all the Goldstars out there should score 55+ at every round and they will become the go to gun for hft and ft. It will be interesting to watch Rogers scores to see how this gun does.
I'm tasting just a hint of sarcasm there Gary!

It's a very brave statement though. If the twist rate and barrel/stripper exit are such that the pellet's stability is improved then it may have been fine to say that the barrels seem to take less wind. To say you just aim inside the kill, may be tongue in cheek, but some idiots will think that's what you do in a 20mph cross wind at 45 yards with their new 900 quid gun.

I'm sure Roger has broad shoulders but on a windy day, like you hint at, if all of those Glodstars haven't scored high 50's, when all top non BSA shooters around them have struggled to make 50, there may just be the odd p1ss taking comment.

There may be need for a bigger dummy!

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