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But let's also not forget that Rog is the BSA promotional team captain and it's his job to try and promote the product. I am sure the Goldstar is a good gun, but before spending your money you need to have a full test.

It is my understanding that a pellet is affected by two main things, twist rate and speed down range. The newer BSA barrels are apparently very good and with the stripper fitted as standard the pellet fly with very little wobble and this gives a high BC and good speed down range.

The thing is though, between the most efficient barrel and the worst I have only ever seen a 40 fps variance at 40 yards. I do not think this is enough to massively affect windage on a rifle.

so this leaves twist rate, I do not know what the twist is on a Goldstar but if they have developed a twist rate that takes no wind it will be the biggest development in shooting for 100 years.

I hope for BSA'S Sake this is true as it will mean that all the Goldstars out there should score 55+ at every round and they will become the go to gun for hft and ft. It will be interesting to watch Rogers scores to see how this gun does.

Also I think Terrys gun was a .22
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