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Originally Posted by Rutty View Post
...I am a little concerned that the emphasis appears to be on making life easier for the police and prosecutors whilst protection of the legitimate shooter is pushed into the background...
...we should all follow it closely and make our views known.
Reading the linked article I think it outlines The Law Commission's basic position, essentially to make existing Law clear and fair, rather than to reinterpret its intention.

They give examples of areas requiring clarity, including some of those which have caused concern to legitimate users. The initial statement is exactly what we should expect from the LC, nothing more or less.

Is there a risk of the process being subverted by parties wishing to tighten firearms control? Yes, but as you state it's our job to ensure that our reasonable concerns are put to the LC and they are held to their remit.

I see it as an opportunity. Glass half full.

Originally Posted by Icaros View Post
Very interesting but what is the context?
Who said it?
By whom?
In response to what?
If you follow the link in Rutty's post (#1) it should answer your questions.
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