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It's more than time the Firearms legislation was looked at. It's been added to piecemeal since it's inception and now has just too many contradiction and grey area's

This applies especially to sub 12FPE airguns where it's impossible for anyone to comply with the legislation.
Capable of more than 12FPE, they all are. No standard test so you can't even test to the impossibility of complying with the SI. Absolute offence so reason is not taken into account.

I don't think there would be a problem with licensing sub12's, Holyrood will regret the day they got this bit devolved.

If the airgun industry had half a brain cell they would have campaigned to get this sorted years ago instead of the stupid actions they did take.

The Firearms Act is not fit for purpose and with unification of firearms control throughout the EU progressing we do need to do something.

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