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Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
Ed the time you take for a shot the web could grow back
I get so much stick, yet the people on the next peg holding everyone up seem to merrily waltz away. Last year in the World's I got shouted at, yet there was nobody at the two pegs behind! I reckon someone just likes kicking my butt.
Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
If your shooting partner/partners are doing the job properly then there should be no confusion also the spider web target no different from a head shot with 10mm around.

Mike will confirm I had a lucky 1 on a head shot out on the max in wind yet we both heard the slightest of dinks

OK in this case, unfortunately, not all shooting partners are equal. I sometimes think some of them are deaf!
It can be hard to tell whether one clips the edge of a bit of spider target or hit a bit wood just behind.
I really don't like these targets, mostly because of the uncertainty it can cause.
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