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Originally Posted by milek View Post
Coming home from the Welsh Masters yesterday I was going over the donuts with my two mates in the car and I commented that how on earth one of them had a donut on the cobweb as even in that wind it was huge. They both said that this can happen as the holes are large enough to go through them thus the donut. Now, not being 100% here I don't know if I hit it or not as even though I didn't drop it I don't recall hearing a dink (even in that wind). I just suspected that it had to be a hit due to the size of the plate and told my partner "just a one" for the 19th time

What do I do? happy to drop a point if it makes sense that it went through a hole. Bloody unlucky if that's the case. Any idea's just in case it ever happens again.
I heard the dink Mike as all shooting parmters should do what I do and listen

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