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Originally Posted by OUTCAST View Post
I would pull the barrel and replace with a new Walther barrel simples
you will save time and money by fitting a good barrel
Well, I went for the cheaper option first... Napier Pellet lube. And so far, it's working. It hasn't been cleaned in 80 shots and there's been no flyers. Despite 3-6" of wind every pellet bar 3 in the 30 shot was touching a line at 55. MV was more consistent as well, albeit only 10 over chrono were fired.

Another Steyr user is using another lube with good results also.

There was a POI and MV shift down. Don't know if that's gun or what... don't really care to be honest...

Oddly, when pushing a barrel through a spare barrel that felt baggy indoors with sized pellets, it was reasonable tight. I could blow them down the barrel indoors, outdoors in the cold i couldn't. Could be another reason why some guns run slow in winter... tight barrels?

Dunno. Will see how the lube goes as I go...
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