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Thanks for all the help everyone - really appreciate all the detail and help everyone is going into!

I should of thought that the eye doesn't make much difference, it makes sense when comparing it to a camera lens

Reason is that I just seem to prefer 10x, especially for further targets. Just I feel it helps me be more accurate when sighting in and just in general when shooting at distance, although I cojld sight at 10x and wind it down to 8x

Regarding the crosshairs dissapearing - I feel like I have given false information, yes they dissapear but only when focusing really hard on the target (so the target turns clear)

Looks like I should be looking at it the other way around - focus on the reticle and see how blurred the target is

I think my issue is that as the target is so blurred (as in almost unshootable), I'm trying to focus on it to make it clearer and hence losing the reticle in the process

I'll try it on lower magnification and see how I get on

Out of interest, would the Hakwe Sidewinder Tactical 10x42 have a better DOF? Basically the fixed magnification of mine.

Thinking about it, it probably would as you've got the same magnification and the same objective size...but I do hear people saying fixed power scopes are better...
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