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Default Is Depth Of Field Eye Dependent?

Hi All,

Setting up my TX for HFT, which is currently fitted with a Hawke Sidewinder Tactical 4.5-14x42, which is a lovely scope BUT I'm finding that the DOF is terrible for me

If I set it up for a 23 yard target (by my eye - not the range reading on the parallax), I lose the reticle at anything under 13 yards but also 45 yards are seriously blurred, as in very difficult to see the kill zone - Should point out I'm shooting at 10x magnification.

So what I'm wondering is whether DOF is dependant on the individual? For example could someone else pick this scope up and find it completely different?

Just I'm going to start looking at other alternatives, so just wondered if some scopes are known for having a narrow DOF, like my Sidewinder for example, or is it just a case of what suits your eyes?

Now we're on the subject of HFT Scopes....

What is out there at 10x Magnification with a Half Mildot Style reticle (or similar, basically a reticle with half markings)?

By choice I quite like having variable magnification and side parallax, but it's not an absolute necessity I suppose, just nice to be able to change the parallax when plinking.

Many Thanks,

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